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Photo snapshots from the creation of the Museum of Greek History, by Paul Vrellis, described by the artist himself:

«I found the area barren, unplowed and rough. We are moving from the outer space to the exterior of the building. Its form bears strong resemblance to old urban, fort-like buildings, of Ipiros (Epirus) of the 18th century in style and shape. It can be seen both as the whole of its size, and also the elements it bears individually, creating a “dialogue” between the close form elements (walls and roofs) as opposed to the open ones (windows and doors) respectively.

On the exterior, I have tried to harmonize the bulks of all the buildings both in their parts and the elements as a whole. I have intended to give the forms aesthetic balance in subtle harmony, adopting one standard (Measure) and Style.»

The land in Bizani area of Ioannina was acquired in 1983 by the artist.

Several photographs from the construction phase, circa 1983.

«The 14-meter-long building on your left accommodates the library and my workshop. The other, at the back, 24 meters long, is the main building housing the museum which is incorporated with other buildings from behind. Every building, is designed by me

«My intention is to point out several morphological and stylistic elements, such as arches, four different types of windows (some with ironwork) and the exterior sticking out walls of the opposite square chimneys with their supporting cranes

«The light, varying from sunrise to sunset, creates several hues, projecting the before mentioned different elements. In this way, big and small bulks, lines, colors and forms are pointed out

«My intention is to support the building firmly and keep it in aesthetic harmony with the rough environment I chose to create. I work the bulks, the plain forms and alternations of lines and circumscriptions with lots of love and affection. All the images I had of stately homes in Ioannina where I was born and raised were my stimulus. I wish to portray the beauty I learnt through observation and later on through my studies my way

Paul Vrellis, from the Museum’s Guide, edition 2010.