Freedom Force Warriors (1821)

“On the right of “Makrigiannis”, inside an improvised lair made of stone rocks, we encounter two lads – part of a larger freedom force dedicated to the 1821 independence struggle.

I want to portray them in such manner, as to show who they were and how did they looked like; all these people who defied the oppressor’s regime. Their courageous demeanor and valiant pose, their character, as well as their armament and clothing, are all present here. Poverty and uncertainty are absent. Only contemplation on what will the future bring is present on their faces.

I’m always trying to intone that History is always shaped by all Greeks, famous and well known as well as obscure and unknown; all of them are heroes. I dedicate this small composition to all anonymous fighters who took up arms to fight the good cause, and died for this Nation’s freedom, all who had envisioned the miracle of 1821 Revolution. Their placing it’s not random, for I position them in between of some of the most bright and renowned personalities of that era.

The visitor will observe the composition itself along with the figures presented. I paid particular attention while constructing the empty space behind the exhibits (expanding alongside the main building’s frame). Its creation and formation was vital for the functionality of many utility areas; facilitating rapid and unhindered access to nearby compositions (“Mountainous operational places-Surgeon’s Quarters”, “Pindos”) to both me and Museum’s conservators.

I make extended use of synallel levels and neighboring spaces, by using one part/face of a rock made wall of a composition as part of another (entirely different) composition. By doing so, the rock formations belonging to the previous composition (Makrigiannis) are unified with these ones (Freedom Warriors) as well as the ones we’ll encounter soon (Kolokotronis, Kanaris). In this way I keep form and color unified and balanced (but not in a linear way [the rock formations here are developing in various heights]), having in mind that all these compositions concern persons who act and live around the same timeline.”