General information for the visitor of the interior

          The clothes are of the present day, altered, old pieces, worn remnants or parts of old outfits I bought from  second-hand shops in different towns and cities. Others are donations from friends or acquaintances. I worked on them, altering them or repairing them with care. Regarding certain costumes, like the one of Pavlos Melas, I was assisted by friends who fabricated certain parts I asked them to.

          The bodies are made of plaster and sackcloth, or matting, or flax, or wood shavings, and the skeletons of fine iron rods. I bend the iron rods myself and give the body the position I want.

          The stones, of different color, size and shape, were chosen and built with my own hands. I carried them in my car, in ones or twos. I faced walls with them, I paved mule tracks and paths and I rendered rocks.