General information for the visitor of the interior

          I work the faces with clay first - typical, sculpt work. The procedure does not particularly trouble me when I have sufficient sources about my themes, 'the Lady of Ro' for example. I find it difficult, though, to breathe life into faces the references to which are few or scarce - regarding Dionysus the philosopher, I had virtually just a sketch. I pay particular attention to osteology (bone structure), myology (muscle and ligament structure), and physiology when shaping my figures. The study of human character, physiognomics and mimic art help me more when attributing sentiments. Then, I create a negative plaster mould in which I later cast wax. All faces, arms and legs are made of pure beeswax.

          Most of the hair is synthetic but some is natural. The hairs are fixed on the wax, one by one, with the appropriate coloring in the insertion.

          The eyes of the wax effigies are the ordinary glass eyes sold in certain optician's. They are meant to replace the natural eyes of people who have lost their vision.