Some words about the Exterior Surroundings

           Taking the large road at this point we get to the museum. Climbing up the road, the visitor can see the buildings –because of the sloping ground– contrary in perspective: the taller seems to be lower. The two buildings diverge slightly, the one protruding a little. I did this so as to make their sizes distinct. I have made a ‘pause’, a gap so that these two bulks can breathe, the gap shaping this pause.
           The 14-meter-long building on your left accommodates the library and my workshop. The other, at the back, 24 meters long, is the main building housing the museum which is incorporated with other buildings from behind.
           My intention is to point out several morphological and stylistic elements, such as arches, four different types of windows (some with ironwork) and the exterior sticking out walls of the opposite square chimneys with their supporting cranes.
           The light, varying from sunrise to sunset, creates several hues, projecting the before mentioned different elements. In this way, big and small bulks, lines, colors and forms are pointed out. 
           Going past the second turning on your right, is the stone little shrine. I made the icons look old myself.