Some words about the Exterior Surroundings

           In February, 1983, I bought about 4 acres of land in Bizani village, with the aim of building this museum. I was 60 years old at the time. I put my endurance and tolerance to the test.
           What I found was rocks, rough ground in great slant (there was no flat surface whatsoever), a few holly oaks here and there and a couple of wild pear trees. There was no road or path anywhere.
           The first thing I did was to trace new roads. I determined with caution where the buildings would be. As we walk up the hill, the ascent was cut out on the right and the descent on the left. I wanted a traffic island to be created whose asymmetric winding shape would add variety to the area of the entrance and exit. I used the debris I dug out in the width of the road and for the squares (like the one you see first) I planted a plane-tree at the joint of the ascent and descent. It is cool under its shade. On the right, I had pathways to the mountain traced for the pedestrians, so that they can enjoy nature while taking a shortcut to the museum. I had trees, flowers and bushes planted but I left some spots of the rough ground here and there.
           On the right hand side of the square, I support the steep slope with big stones I encountered there.  40 meters on the left, I had a retaining wall built with big rocks and debris with the aim of extending the first square. In this way, I form a number of levels which I have used to create beautiful sites with trees, flowers and low vegetation. Moving on, as we go up by car or on foot, just before we turn up right, we come across the second square.