Pavlos Vrellis C.V.
Pavlos Vrellis C.V. Pavlos Vrellis C.V. Pavlos Vrellis C.V.

           Born in Ioannina on March 25, 1923, he was left motherless at the age of 4. Nine years later, he lost his father as well. His aunt, Sophia Paramithioti, his mother's sister, raised him and educated him. Her role both as a pedagogue -a teacher herself- and as a presence of great artistic education influenced him deeply.
           Her task was tough. Not only because the First World War left intense scars behind it, but because Pavlos was the most lively of her nephews. His artistic nature had already begun to show from his early childhood, when he drew and carved on wood or stone his favorite heroes. His other side was the one that made him move forward and go ahead, though. His lively nature and his love for action and discoveries kept him mentally alert when, as a teenager, he got arrested by the Germans during the Occupation; along with other children they would clean the remains of war material that had not been exploded.
           Having lived as a man about to die, while in prison, he would carve ordinary things on wood waiting for his last moments; he witnessed friends lost for good and copied the forms of his fellow prisoners with a different insight. He began to experience his first spiritual anxieties, which were now based not on an impulse for exploration, but on a need to express through his feelings what touched him more.
           Following his aunt's wish and urging, he got into Zossimea Pedagogic Academy in 1945 from which he graduated in 1947.