Some words about the Exterior Surroundings

           These notes intend to provide the visitor with: firstly, a brief account about the significance of the creation and the laying out of the exterior area, and secondly, the rationale behind the formation of the interior.
My tour includes the cause, the effect and the result.
           I found the area barren, unplowed and rough. We are moving from the outer space to the exterior of the building. Its form bears strong resemblance to old urban, fort-like buildings, of Ipiros (Epirus) of the 18th century in style and shape. It can be seen both as the whole of its size, and also the elements it bears individually, creating a “dialogue” between the close form elements (walls and roofs) as opposed to the open ones (windows and doors) respectively.
           On the exterior, I have tried to harmonize the bulks of all the buildings both in their parts and the elements as a whole. I have intended to give the forms aesthetic balance in subtle harmony (engravings in the architectural, morphological and stylistic elements) by one standard (Measure) and style.
           I have also tried to respect firstly the tradition from which I drew all the elements to design and have what you can see constructed; secondly, the natural  surroundings and thirdly, the visitor, who according to their knowledge and love, will disclose one by one all the elements as they unfold, viewing the work both partially and as a whole.